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We have a passion for creating delicious chilli sauces designed to enhance any family meal. We experiment with interesting ingredients to produce unique, mouth-watering flavours that will help you create meals you’ll never forget.

Curry in a bowl with fruity hot sauce bottle in the background
Fried chicken with hot sauce
Vegetable burger with BBQ sauce


Sadia Yusuf, our owner-founder, is a Bristol-based food lover with Somalian and Kenyan roots. Sadia loves home-cooking and even considered opening a Somalia-inspired restaurant but due to having young children, it would never have worked. Instead, she started making her own unique chilli sauces at home, even going to Addis Ababa to hand-select the finest spices. Sadia loves experimenting with evocative flavours like tamarind, cinnamon and cloves, with a spicy after-kick courtesy of jalapeños and red chillies.

"I love experimenting with evocative flavours like tamarind, cinnamon and cloves"

Woman smiling holding hot sauce bottle


Reteti elephant sanctuary Logo

Sadia grew up in Isiolo, Kenya, and, despite having lived in the UK for a number of years now, a piece of her heart will always be in Kenya. When Sadia and her children went to visit their family in Kenya in 2018 they visited Reteti, a Samburu community owned elephant sanctuary in the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. Sadia's children were moved and inspired by the experience and expressed a strong interest in wanting to help. That was the day that Sadia promised that she would find a way.

"I will donate 5% of profits to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary"


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